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Mary Butterworth – Mary Butterworth LP (ROCK/LION036-V-1)

Mary Butterworth Lp

Mary Butterworth LP. Travel back in time to 1969 with our official reissue of one of the most highly sought after west coast psychedelic rock records ever recorded. A heady trip, filled with grooving reverb-soaked jams! Prized original pressings command more than $1000!!

In the tumultuous Spring of 1968, the Mary Butterworth band was formed. Contrary to rumors, the group originated from Southern California and enjoyed being thrust onto the incredible scene that was developing during this remarkable time for music. After a year or so of performing throughout the region in places like the Marina Palace in Seal Beach and others, they decided to record and release a debut album on their own label. In 1969, on a shoestring budget, their album was recorded, manufactured and released. However, the limited pressing was pre-sold to fans and friends only, and never even made it into stores. It disappeared as quickly as it arrived, as did Mary Butterworth, who disbanded not long after the album’s release, never to perform together again.

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Oho – Okinawa CD (ROCK028-V-2)

Oho - Okinawa CDOho – Okinawa CD. {BUY ME} Official reissue of this rare tripped-out progressive psychedelic rock private press record out of Baltimore circa 1974. This release features the entire original recording as it was meant to be, but was shortened for release back in 1974 due to the time constraints of the original vinyl format. Booklet includes liner notes and photos and original album artwork. The unique progressive style of Oho should appeal to fans of the Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Gentle Giant school of progressive music as well as those looking for something original and/or bizarre and daring. [Read more…]

Billylee Janey – Gimme Some Lightnin’ CD (ROCK029-2)


Billylee Janey - Gimme Some Lightnin CD

Billylee Janey – Gimme Some Lightnin’ CD. Iowa’s legendary rock guitarist is back again! This time around, it’s a full throttle non-stop barrage of down and dirty smoldering heavy blues rock guitar licks that just keep coming at you from start to finish. It’s almost like one long heavy guitar jam session where Janey just cuts loose at will. Janey’s mean and nasty tone and signature axe-slingin style are totally electrifying here. [Read more…]

Siena Root – A New Day Dawning CD (ROCK025-2)

Siena Root - A New Day Dawning CDSiena Root – A New Day Dawning CD. We are proud to be able to bring you the fantastic 2004 debut album from one of Sweden’s most talented hard rock groups. Their finely honed sound is firmly planted in the classic heavy rock of the early 70s and draws on influences from groups like Led Zeppelin, Captain Beyond, Jethro Tull, Blind Faith and Deep Purple! These guys sound so convincing you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart from those that influence them or early 70s rock groups like Aunt Mary, November, Host, Kalevala, Young Flowers and others with that vintage Scandinavian heavy prog style. [Read more…]

Jerusalem – Jerusalem CD (ROCK014-V-2)


Jerusalem CDJerusalem CDJerusalem – Jerusalem CD. The first official reissue of this infamous metallic heavy rock album from 1972 produced by Deep Purple’s legendary frontman, Ian Gillan. The music is a menacing combination of over-the-top vocals and screaming lead guitars that could easily pass for something from the early 80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, it’s that far ahead of it’s time. Originally released on the UK Deram/Decca label, and now a favorite among vinyl collectors, the album is presented here from the original master tapes and also features pre-album demos, alternate mixes and a non-lp single track. [Read more…]

Poobah – Steamroller CD (ROCK023-V-2)

Poobah - Steamroller CDPoobah Steamroller CDPoobah  – Steamroller CD. Reissue of classic late 70s underground hard rock album. Originally released in 1979 on the private Peppermint label, it is a top collector item sought by vinyl mongers around the world. After disco hit, many local hard rock bands imploded, but Poobah kept on churning out the heavy jams and laid down some legendary cuts here that demolish most other private pressings from that time. [Read more…]