Poobah – Steamroller CD (ROCK023-V-2)

Poobah - Steamroller CD

Poobah - Steamroller CDPoobah Steamroller CDPoobah  – Steamroller CD. Reissue of classic late 70s underground hard rock album. Originally released in 1979 on the private Peppermint label, it is a top collector item sought by vinyl mongers around the world. After disco hit, many local hard rock bands imploded, but Poobah kept on churning out the heavy jams and laid down some legendary cuts here that demolish most other private pressings from that time. Experience this monster re-mastered from the original reels, complete with 12-page booklet containing an interview with guitarist Jim Gustafson, lyrics, photos, and 5 massive bonus non-Lp tracks!!! Come with Poobah and Jump Thru The Golden Ring!!

Track List:

1. Jump Thru the Golden RingPoobah_-_Steamroller_-_JumpThru
2. Integrated Circuit
3. You Don’t Love Me
4. She’s That Kind of Lover
5. Steamroller
6. Atom Bomb*
7. Frustration
8. Don’t Change
9. Rock and Roll
10. Mr. Destroyer (Live)**
11. You Don’t Love Me (Live)**
12. Jump Thru the Golden Ring (Live)**
13. Steamroller (Live)**

* non-lp studio bonus out-take! It kills!

** Late 70s concert recording bonus tracks! Massive!!

Press Quotes:

– “Streaming plumes of molten electric lead explode like fireworks from Gustafson’s axe as he pillages through one of the heaviest exercises in 6-string mutilation ever laid down” – Ray Dorsey/Chaos

– “POOBAH records easily stand toe-to-toe with classic releases from UFO to JUDAS PRIEST to THIN LIZZY, and the band is still quite active today.” – Peacedogman.com

– “hypnotizing guitar solos and mindwarping riffs.” – Brutalism.com

– “Strong musicianship, amazing material, and a crisp production” – Bushmado

– “One of the world’s most collectable psych rock bands” – Goldmine Magazine

– “This 1979 release is is clearly a hard rock classic that has gone un-noticed in recent years. It’s a mixture of late 70’s metal (Riot, The Godz etc) and some late 70´s Psychedelic Rock like Randy Hansen and Frank Marino” – Freak Emporium

– “A completely over the top guitar-hero-hard-rock overload” – Shindig!

– “If you’re a fan of rock bands who light their guitar strings on fire with the friction of their whipping fingers across the frets, don’t miss this one. Poobah was, and remains, a legend, a gem, a true under-appreciated rock and roll hero.” – The Ripple Effect