Legend – Anthology 2CD (ROCK017-F-2)

Legend - Anthology 2CD

Legend - Anthology 2CDLegend - Anthology 2-CDLegend – Anthology  2-CD. Double compact disc collection from one of the most highly regarded New Wave of British Heavy Metal  bands ever! This monumental release features all three of the group’s official early 80s vinyl releases (Legend, Death in the Nursery, and Frontline), as well as unreleased demos from 1983, all completely digitally re-mastered onto 2 compact discs! A must have item for any fan of early 80’s metal, the N.W.O.B.H.M. or just great heavy guitar music! Supreme axe-weilder Peter Haworth  will carve his name into your skull with his unique and powerful fretwork! This guy is a total guitar monster! Those into heavy 70s rock will also be blown away by tracks like Torture and Song for a Soldier. Do not miss this!!

Disc One:

1. Torture
2. Hiroshima
3. Buried Alive
4. Taste of Life
5. Bad Girl
6. Negligence
7. Song for a Soldier
8. Stormers of Heaven
9. Open up the Skies
10. Frontline
11. Sabra & Chatila

Disc Two:

1. Why Don’t You Kill Me
2. Choices
3. Anthrax Attack
4. Prisoner
5. Lazy Woman
6. Warrior
7. Time Bomb
8. Death in the Nursery
9. Prologue
10. Questions & Answers *
11. Catch a Moment*
12. Out of Luck *
13. It’s Not the Same *
14. The Other Day *
15. Take Me Away*

* previously unreleased demos


– “Anthology is a gorgeous package…this rips!” – Hard Radio/Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles

– “No matter how many times I listen to it . . . I’m still in drop-jaw amazement!!! Never in the history of rock has anyone ever played guitar like this. Legend was simply the BEST nwobhm band ever bar none! I can rest peacefully now that this cd came out… – Generations Underground/WITR Radio

– “An absolutely brilliant, and criminally underrated, band. ” – BNR Metal Pages