Billylee Janey – Soul Driver CD (ROCK004-2)

Billylee Janey - Soul Driver CD

Billylee Janey - Soul Driver CDBillyLee Janey – Soul Driver CD. The legendary Truth and Janey and Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame  guitarist, BillyLee Janey, is back with his latest smokin’ guitar driven blues rock album. Soul Driver, a crossover between blues and hard rock, marks Billy’s return to the heavier Gibson/Marshall sound after 25 years as a Fender bluesman. It’s a showcase for guitar talents that have been honed over a career in music that spans three decades and features his crafty use of the wah wah. Recorded at the award-winning Catamount studios and produced by Tom Tatman. Watch for his upcoming full throttle heavy rock album as he completes the journey home to his 70s hard rock guitar roots. On the Rockadrome label.

Track Listing:

1. 20 Miles Bad Road
2. I Can Tell
3. Burnin’ You Outta My Soul
4. Pop the Top
5. Soul Driver
6. Mankiller/Stratus/Sprach Zarathustra
7. Way Down
8. Le Pluie Qui Tombe
9. Don’t Let The Blues Get You Down

Press Quotes:

“This is pure, git-down, fret-meltin’, wah-wah-stompin’, Strat-screamin’ of the highest order. The blues has a name and these days, when it’s coordinated with hard rawk, BILLY LEE JANEY’s your man.” – Chaos Realm

“Marking his return to the “heavier Gibson/Marshall sound after 25 years as a Fender bluesman,” Janey leads his veteran four piece blues band through hills and valleys of expansive sound on this powerfully electric album. Janey’s versatility on the guitar is notably impressive, but his ability to steer the players in directions without forcibly overshadowing them may be his greatest strength. Leaving room for the bass, keys, and drums to shine on their own, he allows his band mates space to move and groove, and they take full advantage. This solid backup gives him more than enough fuel to deliver some striking solos that interface with the organ to create a sound that is multi-tiered and ambitious, without resorting to thinly veiled noodling. The lyrics wisely follow the music down the same path, staying true to the blues form, but getting effectively modern in their content and melody. This is blues with both feel and calculation, and it takes some wise and talented players to pull that off. This is a band that is up for the task, and they deliver the goods with rock and rhythm to spare.” –