Manilla Road – Mark of the Beast CD (ROCK027-F-2)

Manilla Road Mark of the Beast

Manilla Road Mark of the BeastManilla Road - Mark of the Beast CDManilla Road – Mark of the Beast CD. Finally, a repressing of the legendary early 80s unreleased 2nd album recordings from the kings of epic heavy metal, Manilla Road. All-time classic early period Manilla Road featuring a sound that’s a crossover of epic 70s hard rock influenced by early Judas Priest and Rush and the 80s epic heavy style they’d later develop and master on albums like Crystal Logic and Open the Gates. Nobody defines epic metal like Manilla Road and songs like Mark of the Beast, Avatar and Triumvirate further prove that Kansas’ best kept secret are, indeed, the masters of the genre. This must-have release contains some of Mark Shelton’s finest guitar and vocal work and clearly bridges the gap between their 70s metal/rock roots and their 80s signature epic metal sound! Featuring stunning artwork by legendary Thin Lizzy artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

Track Listing:

1. Mark of the Beast
2. Court of Avalon
3. Avatar
4. Dream Sequence
5. Time Trap
6. Black Lotus
7. Teacher
8. Aftershock
9. Venusian Sea
10. Triumvirate

Personnel: Mark Shelton – Guitar & Vocals, Scott Park – Bass, Rick Fisher – Drums