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Oho – Okinawa reviewed at Prognaut

PrognautOHO – OKINAWA CD. Packed with mucho and fast moving music which is often crazed recitation and even screaming words that may or may not make one bit of sense to the listener. A 1970’s Baltimore MA prog band, this is a difficult listen at times, but you must give it more than one listen thru to really get the best from it. It’s rare, but there are even some really beautiful mellotron prog rock parts, although followed by the talking and the more zany concoction of jazz/rock/pop/classical in avant garde format. It’s a good bet that lovers of early to mid period Gong ( nod to Dave Allen ) will dig this. Some of it reminds me of the more comical early British rock recordings and pieces of Frank Zappa, Supersister, Samla Mammas Manna (in their zany outrageous mode ) and some direct Beatles acknowledgment. [Read more…]

Progression magazine gives OHO Okinawa reissue top marks!

Progression magazineProgressive Magazine gives OHO Okinawa reissue a 16/16, their highest rating!

Longtime readers certainly recall Baltimore’s OHO, subject of a feature way back in Issue No. 28.  This six-panel digipak, complete with 20-page booklet (featuring original artwork from the private 1974 release), is the first proper digital representation of this masterwork of pre-RIO/art-punk cabaret freakadelia.

Sonically, this production obviously is superior to the boots lurking about, but not as “woofy” as the ’96 Little Wing LP reissue.  My well-preserved original 1974 vinyl sounds surprisingly thick compared to this re-master, at least on a high-end system.

For all the well-deserved ink Okinawa garners for its compositional innovations, no one has mentioned the deadly chops of some of the players themselves.  Drummer Larry Bright was a 17-year-young wunderkind when he joined OHO, and has gone on to work with Miles Davis, Kenny Wright, and a who’s who of fusion.  He positively soars on every cut, and the Boris McFinnie horns superbly punctuate four tracks.  Fans of Residents, Fugs, early Mothers, Pere Ubu, Henry Cow, and other artists who cock a snook at life and can play, cannot afford to be without this.

-John Patrick

Jordan Macarus interviewed on WGN radio in Chicago

Winterhawk - There and Back Again CDJordan Macarus was recently interviewed on WGN radio for part of their Secret History of Chicago Music series that focused on the classic Chicago area hard rock band Winterhawk. There is a podcast available below.

Nick and Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave) present The Secret History of Chicago Music — featuring the heavy proggy/psychy shredders Winterhawk. [Sun-Mon show 09/13/10]stevekrakow-plasticcrimewave-secrethistory-chicagomusic-winterhawk-nick-100913_56123206,0,1662734.mp3file

Doommantia weighs in on the Jerusalem reissue!

DoommantiaAnother review request and a new once a month feature for Doommantia Dot Com where we dig through the past and present to you a forgotten band from the 70’s or a band that still is a major underground Doom/Stoner Metal influence but SHOULD NEVER be forgotten. The first of these bands to be review is the 1972 self-titled Jerusalem album. Its a album that should be reviewed anyway because of its historical importance but also because it was re-released not too long ago by the good people at Rockadrome. Bands like Jerusalem, Night Sun, Leafhound, Warpig, Iron Claw and Sir Lord Baltimore are bands that were and still are ignored by all mainstream media but are very much adored by the underground Hard Rock scene. [Read more…]

Bob & Jodi

Found this while digging through some boxes of records. Had to grin as I recall this being listed in an old Rare Ass Records catalog purely so we could laugh at the description.

Billylee Janey

Billylee JaneyBillylee Janey has been compared to such greats as Clapton, Beck, and Hendrix. Even though these guitar heroes have been an inspiration to him, Billylee’s own soulful and passionate love for music clearly and creatively sets him apart, giving him his own unique style and personality. Billylee picked up his first guitar, a German Framus, at an early age. it was during the “British Invasion” that he was taking his first steps in another direction; a direction that would lead him down paths into the music that would shape his future – the blues, jazz and rock. Billylee recorded his first record in 1972 and another in 1973 which included “Pontiac Blues” by Sonny Boy Williamson. In 1975 he recorded a full scale album titled “No Rest for the Wicked” with his bluesy hard rock trio, TRUTH AND JANEY. “No Rest for the Wicked” has achieved near cult status internationally, and has been recognized in the book by Martin Popoff “The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal Volume I: The Seventies” and the Acid Archives Book among others. [Read more…]