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Heaven & Earth – Refuge LP (Lion/Rock LP-114)

Heaven & Earth – Refuge LP. Beautiful vinyl re-release of this psychedelic folk/funk beauty from 1973, featuring the gorgeous voices of Pat Gefell and Jo D. Andrews (and produced by Space Age percussionist/composer Dick Schory for his short-lived but influential Ovation Records imprint). At one time this was an album completely unknown outside of Chicago, where the label was based; but these days, word gets around, and tracks like ‘Feel The Spirit’ and ‘Jenny’ have been making the rounds on the DJ circuit. No matter what your musical taste is—psych-folk, funk, soft rock—this LP seems to have something special to offer. [Read more…]

Billylee Janey new CD highly recommended by

Billylee Janey No Saints CDBillylee Janey never ceases to impress me. No Saints Ringin’ The Bells, his fifteenth release, is innovative, psychedelic, and, at times, reminiscent of his Truth & Janey days. The album is composed of fifteen original songs, a haunting cover of Russian folk song, “Dark Eyes,” and  a mini-version of Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

There’s this funky little song called “Broken Arrow” that Janey fills with lots of great unexpected aural treats. This one brings a smile to my face every time. And before that smile can even  reset, “Lord of the Strings,” an amazing instrumental, kicks in, fusing surf rock and blues together for an amazing listen. It’s sheer back-to-back pleasure.

Janey breaks out his axe and throws down some great delta blues groove on “Delta Man.” It is a composite of legendary Mississippi bluesmen such as Son House, who continues  “singing the blues,” “singing the truth,” and “living the life of Hell.” This favorite features his son, Bryce Janey, on acoustic guitar. “Sweet Seventeen,” another track featuring Bryce Janey on acoustic, is a stand-out song as well. This is a beautifully sad, heartfelt song. It has such a lovely melody that I keep going back for repeated listens.

As the title implies, the saints aren’t ringing the bells, because maybe they’re all off playing guitar. That’s just a gut feeling. This one is highly recommended for those who like their blues plugged in.

By Phillip Smith (a contributing writer at BluesWax)

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