Billylee Janey – What’s Your Trick CD (ROCK022-2)

Billylee Janey - What's Your Trick CD

Billylee Janey - What's Your Trick CDBillylee Janey – What’s Your Trick CD. Ex-Truth and Janey guitarist returns, hot on the heels of his superb “Soul Driver” album, with another classic hard rock and funky blues album filled with tough ballsy guitar licks, super powerhouse drumming and hook filled songs! The opening track is the heaviest thing heard from Janey since his “No Rest for the Wicked” days! Once again, Janey and his power trio with drummer Skip Lowe and bassist Dan Johnson deliver the high quality goods. This is an enhanced CD that includes a bonus video as well.

Track Listing:

1. What’s Your TrickBillylee_Janey_-_Whats_Your_Trick
2. Broken Heart Song
3. Just A Dream
4. Dawg Howl Moan
5. Mojo Talker
6. Someday Soon
7. Wicked Stick
8. Thing Gone Wild
9. Turbo Don
10. Thank You For the Sunshine
11. Wicked Stick Reprise
12. Thank You For the Sunshine (Video track)

Press Quotes:

“9/10” – Rocktimes (Germany)

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