Watchtower – Energetic Disassembly CD (ROCK013-F-2)

Watchtower - Energetic Disassembly CD


Watchtower - Energetic Disassembly CDWatchtower – Energetic Disassembly CD. Official reissue of legendary Texas metal band’s debut album from the early 80s! The infamous album that almost single-handedly created a new genre and took heavy metal into a new dimension. The band were influenced by late 70s progressive rock and acts such as Rush and UK as well as the burgeoning New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. While Watchtower never reached mainstream success, they have been cited as an influence by other progressive metal bands such as: Dream Theater, Death, Atheist, Sieges Even and Spiral Architect. 10 page fold-out booklet with lyrics, liner notes, photos and more!! Essential stuff for any metal collection! OUT OF PRINT NOW!

Track Listing:

1. Violent Change
2. Asylum
3. Tyrants in Distress
4. Social Fears
5. Energetic Disassembly
6. Argonne Forest
7. Cimmerian Shadows
8. Meltdown


* Jason McMaster – Vocals
* Billy White – Guitar
* Doug Keyser- Bass
* Rick Colaluca – Drums

Press Quotes:

– A mandatory addition to the library of any metal fan thrill by innovation, technicality and inhuman talent levels – Blabbermouth

– WatchTower remains one of the most respected and awe-inspiring bands ever to worship at the altar of metal – Metal Maniacs