Watchtower – Demonstrations in Chaos CD (ROCK008-F-2)

Watchtower - Demonstrations in Chaos CD

Watchtower - Demonstrations in Chaos CDWatchtower - Demonstrations in Chaos CDWatchtower  – Demonstrations in Chaos CD. The Texas techno-metal pioneers have returned! Long gone on Monster Records, this is finally back in print on the new Forged in Fire sub-label of Rockadrome! Rare 80s recordings featuring original vocalist Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys). Showcased here are the original, and many say heavier, Boss Studio recordings  of their “Energetic Disassembly” album, as well as various other original recordings, demos and live versions. It’s a great look into the beginnings of this innovative and influential metal outfit and an important document of the 80s Texas metal scene. Complete with liner notes, lyrics, photos and more!

Track Listing:

1. Meltdown*
2. Asylum*
3. Argonne Forest*
4. Social Fears*
5. Tyrants in Distress*
6. Energetic Disassembly*
7. Cimmerian Shadows*
8. The Eldritch**
9. Instruments of Random Murder**
10. Hidden Instincts**
11. The Fall of Reason**
12. Control and Resistance***
13. Cathode Ray Window***
14. Ballad Assassin****
15. Meltdown*****

* the Boss studio album demo, ** Control demo with Jason on vocals, *** raw rehearsal recordings, **** unreleased track live, ***** original 1st demo of this track.

Press Quotes:

– “…a mandatory addition to the library of any metal fan thrilled by innovation, oddity, technicality and inhuman talent levels.” – Jeff W. (Century Media)

– “..this band knocked the stuffing out of anybody else trying fancy pants metal, playing with groove, recording well, writing complex look-at-me’s but with some semblance of logic and purpose, respect deserved.” – Martin P. (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles)