Truth and Janey – Erupts CD (ROCK005-V-2)

Truth and Janey - Erupts LP

Truth and Janey - Erupts CDTruth and Janey - Erupts! CDTruth and Janey – Erupts! CD. Truth and Janey erupt with absolutely crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the midwest’s heaviest power trio of all time!!! This features material taken from their previously released double LP from the early 90s on compact disc for the first time! Tune in and hear Billylee Janey take his ’64 Gibson Firebird to new heights of heavy wailing godlyness!!!! A raw, loud, heavy duty guitar trip back in time to 1976! Re-packaged for the Vintage (Rockadrome) label with new artwork and booklet containing an interview with guitarist Billylee Janey! Over 70 minutes of pure heavy guitar jams!

Track Listing:

1. No Rest for the Wicked
2. Birth of the HeartTruthAndJaney_-_Erupts_-_Birth
3. Universal Light
4. A Child
5. Building Walls
6. Tunnel of Tomorrow
7. The Light
8. One Down One to Go
9. White Bread
10. My Mind
11. As I Am
12. Ain’t No Tellin’
13. Hard Road

Press Quotes:

– ” Truth and Janey’s “Erupts!” album is a great guitar record ” –

– ” This CD is an inferno of great jamming, excellent musicianship, and tons of attitude.” –