Militia – Released CD (ROCK021-F-2)

Militia - Released CD

Militia - Released CDMilitia - Released CDMilitia – Released CD. Lose your old Militia demo tapes when your Mother or the old lady tossed out your shit? Here they are, the unearthed collection of 80s recordings from the legendary Texas underground heavy metal group out of Austin who released the record collector holy grail EP “The Sybling” back in 1985. Featured here are the all time classic Regiments of Death demo, tracks from the Sybling EP and more dusty relics! 24-page color booklet with band history, tons of photos and liner notes!  On the Forged In Fire (Rockadrome) label. Fans of Watchtower, Juggernaut, SA Slayer, Karian and other groups with that South Texas metal sound rejoice! A trip back in time to the early 80s and the good old days of tape trading and collecting demos!

Track Listing:

1. Metal Axe
2. Search for Steel
3. Regiments of  Death
4. Objective: Termination
5. Salem Square
6. The Sybling
7. Talking To The Stone
8. No Submission
9. Thrash To Destroy
10. Onslaught
11. Objective: Termination (live)
12. Regiments Of Death (live)


– “The material shows that the band from Austin was -beside Watchtower- the best Texas-Progressive-Band. They conquered new horizons and had with Mike Soliz a real outstanding frontman. For sure the band will be one of the highlights for the forthcoming KIT-Festival.” – Rock Hard (WK)

– “In a perfect world – and for fans of high-pitched Metal voices – Soliz would be recognized as a god of wrath, way more than a dozen of now established names. A real siren, with immaculate melody and epos in his throat, too, Soliz raises the song’s value to another level by any means” – Metal-Temple