Devastation – Idolatry CD/LP (ROCK018-F-2)

Devastation - Idolatry CD

Devastation - Idolatry CDDevastation – Idolatry CD. Brand new reissue of this old school Texas thrash metal band’s acclaimed 3rd album from 1991, originally released on the Combat label. Produced by the legendary Scott Burns (Death, Obituary, Sepultura, etc.), it’s been considered a thrash metal masterpiece by some and includes revamped cover art, a 12-page full color booklet and 3 heavier than ever bonus tracks featuring the newly reformed line-up!
Track Listing:

1. Deliver the Suffering
2. Freewill
3. Forsaken Hatred
4. Souls of Sacrifice
5. Idolatry
6. Legacy of Faith
7. Subconscious
8. Never Believe
9. Blood for Blood*
10. Desolation*
11. Tomorrow We Die*

* bonus cuts recorded in 2008 with new line-up!