Automag – Hellbound CD (ROCK001-2)

Automag Hellbound CDAutomag – Hellbound CD. A heavy metal freight train from North Carolina in the vein of COC, Clutch, Metallica and Black Label Society with a Southern twist on this concept album debut for the Rockadrome label. Led by the Mighty Quinn on lead guitar/vocals, these Southern boys sink their hook-laden power riffs into you right from the first minute of the first track and never let go! Housed in awesome custom fold out digi-pack cover.

Track Listing:

1. Alone
2. Tonight
3. Bullet
4. The Last Time
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Ready to Ride
7. Hardcharger
8. Whiskeytown
9. New Southern Outlaw
10. Hellbound

Press Quotes:

The riffs are crushing and the songs insanely catchy. Check them out. – Cosmic Doom

This disc is a 10-track ass-shaking odyssey of killer southern-influenced rock n’ roll full of gruff vocals, subtle melodic moments and the best fitting balls to the wall production. – Concrete Web

These guys are steering in the right direction and could make a major impact on the music scene. The guitar and vocals by Mighty Quinn are some of the strongest points and I see a bright future for Automag. – Rockeyez

You’ll find yourself banging your head, singing along and playing a lot of air guitar to this CD. – Roughedge

They combine all that is heavy from the late 70s to the late 80s and put some really cool Southern vibes on top. Hooks over hooks came out of my speakers and after a while I found myself headbanging on my chair…it’s really hard to sit still during listening to this CD. – Daredevil

This is not only top-shelf rawk for nearly anyone out there, but is sure to take it’s stand among the best discs of the year. Buy now!!! – Chaos Realm

Automag combines the heaviest of the sludge ridden 70’s rock with more recent entries into the field like Monster Magnet and Clutch. This is a great album to just pump up to eleven and sit around with friends and sworn enemies while drinking someone else’s booze. – Edge Magazine

Automag is a band to watch out for, and Hellbound, with its 10-shots of pure rock n’ roll adrenaline, is a surefire hit for the summer. –