Slauter Xstroyes – Winterkill CD (ROCK019-F-2)

Slauter Xstroyes

Slauter XstroyesSlauter Xstroyes – Winter Kill CD. Reissue of absolutely wicked 1985 heavy metal vinyl ultra-rarity and collector holy grail from Chicago. An underground cult favorite because of the crushing monsterous guitar of Paul Kratky and thunderous bass from Brent Sullivan which battle to the death in an onslaught of massive power metal riffs and ripping leads. Singer John Stewart’s vocals are so powerful and commanding that nothing holds him back as he howls and growls through each majestic epic. One of my favorite heavy metal albums of all-time and one of the most talented heavy metal bands you’ll ever hear. These guys should have conquered the world! Brand new 12-page expanded booklet with liner notes, photos and lyrics! Enhanced CD format includes bonus concert video track from 1985!

Track Listing:

1. Winter KillSlauter_Xstroyes_-_Winter_Kill
2. No Idea
3. The Stage
4. City of Sirtel
5. Charlotte
6. Black Rose and Thorns
7. Mother, Mother Fucker
8. Winter Kill (remix)

plus bonus live video track from 1985!