Stepson – The Lost Tapes 72-74 CD (ROCK047-V-2)

Stepson Lost Tapes CD

Stepson Lost Tapes CDStepson - Lost Tapes 72-74 CDStepson – The Lost Tapes 72-74 CD (ROCK047-V-2). Long sought after unreleased recordings from this hard-nosed raunchy Detroit-style 70s hard rock band whose 1974 debut album on ABC is highly sought after. A smashing collection of memorable tracks featuring vicious growling guitar from Joey Newman, and the awesome soulful vocals of Jeffs Hawks, along with the non-stop rocking backbone of Bruce Hauser (bass) and Len Fagan (drums), these guys really knew how to lay down some badass foot-stomping rock ‘n roll. Includes ex-members of the group Touch, whose 1969 album is another hot commodity.

Track Listing:

  1. Danger Zone
  2. Streets of Alameda
  3. Can’t Help Myself
  4. Flesh & Blood
  5. S-H-A-K-E
  6. Don’t Say Goodbye (Say Goodnight)
  7. Midnight Creep
  8. Mississippi Dirt Road
  9. Rock’d To My Very Soul
  10. Bad Situation
  11. The Tears You Cried (Ain’t Never Gonna Buy)
  12. Legalize It