Megalith – Risen from the Grave CD (ROCK034-F-2)

Megalith - No Risen from the Grave CD

MegalithMegalith - Risen from the Grave CDMegalith – Risen from the Grave CD Reissue of this St. Louis based power thrash metal group’s unique and promising 80s demo plus a live concert recording from the night of lead singer and guitarist Joe Bufalo’s tragic death. Rockadrome have been fans of this group’s demo since our days as King Klassic records when we showed interest, along with other labels, in signing Megalith some 25 years ago! Some dreams never die! The group have recently reformed and are currently playing shows and writing material for a new album.

Track Listing:

  1. My Evil Now
  2. Nail Us To Your CrossMegalith_-_Nail_Us_To_Your_Cross
  3. The Haunting
  4. Dark ShadowsMegalith_-_Dark_Shadows
  5. Chamber of Horrors
  6. Nail Us To Your Cross
  7. Dark Shadows
  8. Wedding for a Corpse
  9. The Haunting
  10. Modern Gladiators
  11. Flesh Eating Armies
  12. Sam the Warlock
  13. My Evil Now

(tracks 1-4 from original 1986 demo)