Ultra Interview on Its Psychedelic Baby Blog

Ultra interview psychedelic blogThe awesome blog It’s Psychedelic Baby interviews Vintage/Rockadrome label group Ultra members about the band and previous bands like Homer, Outcasts, etc. Here’s an excerpt, to read the entire interview follow the link below:

1. Where did you grow up and what were some of your influences back then?
SCOTT: We’re all native Texans. Being from Texas, music is everywhere. In San Antonio and Austin, on any give night you can listen to tons of rock, country & western, blues, Tejano, classical, you name it. You can’t help but be influenced and bombarded with every type of music known to man in Texas!
TOM: I grew up in San Antonio…some of my early rock influences were Wishbone Ash, The James Gang and Humble Pie.
LARRY: I grew up in San Antonio as well. My early influences were Grand Funk Railroad, Montrose, Blues Image and Mountain/Leslie West.
GALEN: San Antonio here, too. Biggest influences were Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, and Michael Schenker – as well as some smoking local pickers like Rod Prince, Chris Holzhaus, Chris Geppert and Howard Gloor.
DON: I was born in Ohio and lived there from 1949 to 1959. My first musical influence was my father, Don H. Evans and my grandfather, Robert D. Metcalf. My father was a jazz musician (playing stand-up bass) and that’s the kind of music I heard around the house. At my grandfather’s bar, The Gallow Tavern, he had a jukebox and his Wurlitzer had all of the greatest black pop and early rock as well as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, etc. It was there that I really got educated. When I moved to Arizona in 1969 I listened to roak and roll exclusively. Around 1962 I got into The Beach Boys, but when The Beatles exploded on the scene, I listened to all of the bands doing the “Mersey Beat”. After a while we were hoping American music would come back with an answer to the Beatle-maina and finally it happened with the Turtles, Sir Douglas Quintet, The Byros and Bob Dylan. Even Phoenix radio (what we listened to in my hometown of Gila Bend) gave us Phil and The Frantics, kaleidoscope and Alice Cooper.

ULTRA reunion gig set for Texas Legacy Music Awards show!

South Texas 70s rock and roll group ULTRA, featuring legendary guitarist Galen Niles (Outcasts, Homer), will reunite on September 4th at Floore’s Country Store in Helotes, Texas for the first time in over 30 years! Also appearing at this Texas Legacy Music Awards show will be other South Texas 60s groups like Bubble Puppy, plus members of Zakary Thaks, The Headstones, The Clique, The Outcasts and more. Galen Niles is a true South Texas guitar hero who’s responsible for teaching and inspiring a who’s who of Texas guitar players.

The complete late 70s recordings from ULTRA are still available via Rockadrome’s Vintage label and feature 16 classic foot-stomping Texas style twin guitar hard rock tracks in full glory! Don’t miss it! Get it here!

Ultra – Ultra (ROCK009-V-2) CD

Ultra CDULTRA  – Ultra CD. Classic Texas-style, foot stomping, bad-ass hard rock and roll from one of the founders of the legendary Texas psych/rock group, HOMER. 16 explosive twin lead-guitar filled cuts all digitally-remastered from the mid-70’s master recordings! Guitarist Galen Niles tears up the fretboard! Return to the days of classic hard rock done the way it was meant to be!! Don’t miss it!! Some of these tracks were originally released on a very rare limited edition demo Lp (only 100 copies!) back in 1978! [Read more…]