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Finally, we have some of our artist T-shirts becoming available over at the Rockadrome Store. Grab some now and show your support for Rockadrome and these great bands.

At the moment, we have shirts available from Truth & Janey, Jerusalem, Iron Claw, Icecross, Ashbury and also a Rockadrome label shirt! Coming soon, Winterhawk and Cain shirts! Here are some examples:

Jerusalem Shirt

Truth and Janey Shirt

Ashbury Shirt

Iron Claw Shirt


Truth and Janey – Erupts! 2-LP (ROCK/LION050-V-1)

Truth and Janey - Erupts LPTruth and Janey – Erupts! 2-LP (ROCK/LION050-V-1). Gatefold cover double  vinyl album reissue of classic 1976 concert album from Iowa’s legendary hard rock group led by guitarist BillyLee Janey. Completely remastered for vinyl and including two bonus tracks not available on the compact disc release. A real barnstormer of an album that ranks up there with the other classic 70s era double live monsters. Essential! Limited edition of 100 on Red Vinyl also available!


Side One:

  1. No Rest for the Wicked (5:18)
  2. One Down One to Go (4:40)
  3. White Bread (5:17)
  4. My Mind (7:13)

Side Two:

  1. Hard Road (5:23)
  2. Under My Thumb (4:10)
  3. Around and Around (4:01)
  4. Ain’t No Tellin (4:23)

Side Three:

  1. The Light (3:46)
  2. Birth of the Heart (9:19)
  3. Universal Light (6:41)

Side Four:

  1. A Child (2:40)
  2. Building Walls (3:09)
  3. As I Am (5:01)
  4. Tunnel of Tomorrow (8:07)

BillyLee Janey Iowa Blues Hall of Fame induction Oct 13th

Iowa Blues Hall of FameOctober 13th will be a great evening of celebrating the history of the blues in Iowa, preserving the blues in America. At 7pm the downtown Des Moines, Iowa Marriott is hosting the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame induction ceremony followed by a Raise the Roof fundraiser for the Blues Hall of Fame to be built in Memphis, TN.

Founded in 1999, the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame mission is to recognize and honor the Iowa Blues heritage. This year one of the inductees includes Rockadrome label recording artist Billylee Janey. BillyLee is well known among label followers, record collectors and guitar players for heading up the classic 70s hard rock group, Truth and Janey. The Vintage arm of the label has reissued Truth and Janey’s collector favorite 1976 debut album on both CD and LP as well has classic concert recordings from the era. Janey has also released four top shelf classic rock and blues solo albums on the Rockadrome label, the latest being last year’s “No Saints Ringin’ the Bells”.

You can find more information about the fundraiser, other performing artists and further event information here:

Worldwide exclusive Rockadrome MP3 downloads now available!

Pussy Invasion CDTwo previously unavailable classic Vintage releases are now available for MP3 download exclusively from the Rockadrome store ( These two are the first available from the Rockadrome store’s new download section with many more to follow.

Pussy – Invasion MP3 (album). Collection of tracks from this early 70s post-Jerusalem UK hard rock group also managed and produced by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple). Includes songs from their lone single for the Deram label plus 14 other previously unreleased recordings!


Truth and Janey No Rest for the WickedTruth and Janey – No Rest for the Wicked MP3 (Album). Reissue of bonified monster 1976 private press hard rock from the midwest! A real heavy rock classic filled with inventive songwriting, intelligent lyrics and above all, top-notch guitar playing from BillyLee Janey!!

Billylee Janey new CD highly recommended by

Billylee Janey No Saints CDBillylee Janey never ceases to impress me. No Saints Ringin’ The Bells, his fifteenth release, is innovative, psychedelic, and, at times, reminiscent of his Truth & Janey days. The album is composed of fifteen original songs, a haunting cover of Russian folk song, “Dark Eyes,” and  a mini-version of Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

There’s this funky little song called “Broken Arrow” that Janey fills with lots of great unexpected aural treats. This one brings a smile to my face every time. And before that smile can even  reset, “Lord of the Strings,” an amazing instrumental, kicks in, fusing surf rock and blues together for an amazing listen. It’s sheer back-to-back pleasure.

Janey breaks out his axe and throws down some great delta blues groove on “Delta Man.” It is a composite of legendary Mississippi bluesmen such as Son House, who continues  “singing the blues,” “singing the truth,” and “living the life of Hell.” This favorite features his son, Bryce Janey, on acoustic guitar. “Sweet Seventeen,” another track featuring Bryce Janey on acoustic, is a stand-out song as well. This is a beautifully sad, heartfelt song. It has such a lovely melody that I keep going back for repeated listens.

As the title implies, the saints aren’t ringing the bells, because maybe they’re all off playing guitar. That’s just a gut feeling. This one is highly recommended for those who like their blues plugged in.

By Phillip Smith (a contributing writer at BluesWax)

Link to article:

Billylee Janey – No Saints Ringin’ the Bells CD (ROCK037-2)

Billylee Janey No Saints CDBillylee Janey – No Saints Ringin’ the Bells CD. Latest 2011 classic rock and blues guitar release from legendary Iowa Rock Hall of Fame guitarist who has been bending strings since the late 60s and released his first single in the early 70s with his hard rock band, Truth and Janey. Billylee stretches out here with a wonderful collection of 17 tracks including several extended jams and an enduring variety of songs that even further showcase his tremendous talent and style. This is his fourth solo release for the Rockadrome label and another strong album that anyone and everyone who digs classic rock guitar and blues should be checking out.  [Read more…]