Rare super 8mm footage of OHO turns up in 2011 music video!

2011 music video featuring 1974 vintage OHO music tracks overdubbed in 2008 with the lead vocals and the acoustic guitarism of El Sledge, (Matt Graboski). “The Plague,” (inspired by the Albert Camus’ novel), is Matt’s favorite OHO song. Videographer, Bill Pratt, marries super 8mm film of a rare 1975 live OHO performance, (the only known existing OHO film), with current footage of both Matt and drummer Steve Sroka, known as El Sledge+. A loop of Matt’s “Mad Mardygan” plays in the background during the credits.

Oho – Okinawa reviewed at Prognaut

PrognautOHO – OKINAWA CD. Packed with mucho and fast moving music which is often crazed recitation and even screaming words that may or may not make one bit of sense to the listener. A 1970’s Baltimore MA prog band, this is a difficult listen at times, but you must give it more than one listen thru to really get the best from it. It’s rare, but there are even some really beautiful mellotron prog rock parts, although followed by the talking and the more zany concoction of jazz/rock/pop/classical in avant garde format. It’s a good bet that lovers of early to mid period Gong ( nod to Dave Allen ) will dig this. Some of it reminds me of the more comical early British rock recordings and pieces of Frank Zappa, Supersister, Samla Mammas Manna (in their zany outrageous mode ) and some direct Beatles acknowledgment. [Read more…]

Progression magazine gives OHO Okinawa reissue top marks!

Progression magazineProgressive Magazine gives OHO Okinawa reissue a 16/16, their highest rating!

Longtime readers certainly recall Baltimore’s OHO, subject of a feature way back in Issue No. 28.  This six-panel digipak, complete with 20-page booklet (featuring original artwork from the private 1974 release), is the first proper digital representation of this masterwork of pre-RIO/art-punk cabaret freakadelia.

Sonically, this production obviously is superior to the boots lurking about, but not as “woofy” as the ’96 Little Wing LP reissue.  My well-preserved original 1974 vinyl sounds surprisingly thick compared to this re-master, at least on a high-end system.

For all the well-deserved ink Okinawa garners for its compositional innovations, no one has mentioned the deadly chops of some of the players themselves.  Drummer Larry Bright was a 17-year-young wunderkind when he joined OHO, and has gone on to work with Miles Davis, Kenny Wright, and a who’s who of fusion.  He positively soars on every cut, and the Boris McFinnie horns superbly punctuate four tracks.  Fans of Residents, Fugs, early Mothers, Pere Ubu, Henry Cow, and other artists who cock a snook at life and can play, cannot afford to be without this.

-John Patrick

Shindig! magazine digs into OHO – Okinawa!

The ever-excellent Rockadrome label changes step, releasing this 1974 private press prog/experimental LP from Baltimore fruit loops OHO.

This version restores all the material that was supposed to make the original single LP a double–clocking in at a whopping 73 minutes.  There’s a huge variety of style and shapes on offer here, moving from spoken word theatricality to acidic guitar lines, which cut across consistently strong material.  Despite the experimental nature of many of the songs, there are real tunes and hooks in abundance on many of the tracks.

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Oho – Okinawa CD (ROCK028-V-2)

Oho - Okinawa CDOho – Okinawa CD. {BUY ME} Official reissue of this rare tripped-out progressive psychedelic rock private press record out of Baltimore circa 1974. This release features the entire original recording as it was meant to be, but was shortened for release back in 1974 due to the time constraints of the original vinyl format. Booklet includes liner notes and photos and original album artwork. The unique progressive style of Oho should appeal to fans of the Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Gentle Giant school of progressive music as well as those looking for something original and/or bizarre and daring. [Read more…]