Pussy Interview on BattleHelm.com

PUSSY are in no way a new band. They are actually pretty much as old as I am, if not older. That apart I had not even heard of them until I came upon them on MySpace. With a name like PUSSY I knew I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 for BattleHelm.com  The following in a excerpt, the whole interview can be found here.

To me Jerusalem and in the extension Pussy were completely unheard of. The only Jerusalem I knew of was the Swedish one. Give all of us infidels a brief run through?

-The Swedish Jerusalem appeared about 3 years after we disbanded and were basically a Christian Rock Band. Our Jerusalem, although in the midst of what was then Heavy Rock, was very different from the mainstream rock bands. What people say now is that we were years before out time, we were playing a form of Metal, Doom, Stoner etc., years before they became recognised/successful genres. We played throughout the UK and parts of Europe, mainly Germany and the large Rock Festivals in Europe. Most of the press and the public at the time did not really understand what we were doing, which is why to an extent we became more of a cult band with very little media exposure.   [Read more…]