J. Teal Band – Cooks CD (ROCK044-V-2)

J Teal Band Cooks CDJ. Teal Band - Cooks CDJ. Teal Band – Cooks CD. Vintage reissue of 1977 private press hard rock album from South Carolina, originally released on the Mother Cleo label. Well respected among collectors for it’s top notch guitar playing and clean undistorted jams. A real long lost gem from the 70s private press underground.

“Surprisingly good, underrated small-town hardrocker cruising on a backbone of tight jams that enhance almost every song, with a guitar-playing that is Quicksilver-like in it’s probing flow. Billy Hardy’s lead playing is as good as anything I’ve heard on an Lp of this kind, and unusually varied. The band also offers up a long introspective Top Drawer-ish brooder, utilizing an odd psychedelic effect which again sounds like something from a late 1960s Bay Area album. This LP isn’t unknown, but I bet a lot of people out there will be surprised by how good it is”The Acid Archives

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Hillary Blaze – Exposure CD audio samples now available!

Hillary BlazeComing very soon on the Vintage / Rockadrome label is the official CD reissue of  the Hillary Blaze – Exposure album, a 1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press record from Arizona, featuring ex-members of the psychedelic 60s group Paper Garden. The spacey punk vibe, sizzling guitar and snotty vocals give the album a unique and ear-catching sound for it’s time. Re-discovered by music fans sometime in the 90s, the original vinyl pressings are rare as hen’s teeth and have become a prized score for collectors. Re-mastered for compact disc from the original reels, the sound is nothing short of killer! Another fine addition to the growing Vintage label collection!

Audio samples from upcoming release to hit the streets on May 17th, 2011. Available again for the first time in over 30 years!

Track 1 – OpeningHillary Blaze – Opening

Track 2 – MetropolisHillary Blaze – Metropolis

Track 8 – ElectrizionHillary Blaze – Electrizion

Hillary Blaze – Exposure CD (ROCK032-V-2)

Hillary BlazeHillary Blaze – Exposure CD. Official reissue of sought after 1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press record, featuring ex-members of the psychedelic 60s group Paper Garden. Available again for the first time in over 30 years!

It all started during the psychedelic 1960s when Sandy Michael Napoli, Jimmy Tirella, Paul Logrande and Joe Arduino formed the pop rock band The Paper Garden, releasing an LP on the Musicor label entitled Paper Garden Presents in 1968. The group disbanded in the early 70s, and Napoli (now simply Sandy Michael), Logrande (following suit as Paul Gran), Tirella, and new member Mark Nowicki formed a dissimilar band which they christened Hillary Blaze. Along with the new name, came a new direction of theatrical-based performance and heavy metal sound, exemplified in what would become the album Exposure. [Read more…]

Cain – Stinger CD (ROCK038-V-2)

Cain Stinger CD

Cain Stinger CDCain – Stinger CD. Reissue of this Minnesota based classic hard rock band’s 2nd album, originally released in 1977 on the Asi label. This is the follow up to their previously reissued and very popular “Pound of Flesh” album from 1975, known for it’s pure classic hard rock sounds and controversial cover art. This powerful sophomore outing features frontman Jiggs Lee taking his vocals talents to new heights with the ever present guitar of Lloyd Forsberg remaining as forceful as ever. The band was recently inducted into the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame on September 17th, 2010 and performed a short live set at the ceremony. This was the first time they’d re-assembled as CAIN in nearly 20 years or so. [Read more…]