70s German hard rock band GIFT join the roster!

Gift LPRockadrome is proud to announce the forthcoming vinyl reissue of GIFT’s 1972 debut album, originally released on the Telefunken label and now a sought after high dollar collectible. If you like other 70s German heavies like Hairy Chapter, Blackwater Park, Jeronimo, Night Sun or Armaggedon, then you’ll love GIFT!

Eight classic tracks of ball-busting German heavy rock!

1) Drugs

2) You’ll Never Be Accepted

3) Groupie

4) Time Machine

5) Game of Skill

6) Don’t Hurry

7) Your Life

8) Bad Vibrations

Jerusalem track featured on Mojo Magazine sampler

classicrockjerusalemcdMojo magazine’s upcoming Black Sabbath issue includes the Heavy Nuggets Vol. II sampler CD featuring the Jerusalem track “Frustration.”  Jerusalem’s 1972 Decca label release is still available on CD from the Vintage/Rockadrome label, including pre-Lp demo material and has been widely hailed as classic from the era.


After Shave – Skin Deep LP (ROCK042-V-1)

After Shave Skin Deep LPAfter Shave – Skin Deep LP (ROCK042-V-1). Gatefold cover near exact vinyl reissue of top notch early 70s Swiss hard rock collectable record with a sound influenced by Cream, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and the usual suspects. They toured Europe in the early 70s and eventually recorded this debut album for the tiny Splendid label in 1972, which now commands big dollars on the rare record collector market. They have been featured in a few books, including The Hard Rock Anthology 1968-1980,  Encylopedie du Hard Rock des Seventies and the Hans Pokora books.

Track Listing:

  1. Skin Deep
  2. Him
  3. Paper Woman
  4. Ride, Ride, Ride
  5. Sweet Home
  6. Amsterdam in My Living Room
  7. Near The Sun
  8. Pink Rose
  9. Sunflower

Pussy – Invasion CD audio samples and cover art revealed!

Pussy Invasion CDThe forthcoming Pussy – Invasion CD, to be released on Rockadrome’s Vintage label, features classic UK hard rock with post-Jerusalem members Paul Dean and Ray Sparrow, along with Bob Cooke, who was eventually replaced by Brian Goff. The release will contain 16 tracks, produced by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), and recorded between 1972 and 1973, including both tracks from the groups only official release, a single from 1972 on the Deram/Decca label. The expanded booklet will contain extensive liner notes from bassist Paul Dean, along with lyrics and photos. Cover art seen here has been revealed for the first time.

Below you will find 60 sec web quality (32khz/96kbps) audio samples from Invasion release.

Pussy – The KnifePussy – The Knife

Pussy – Feline WomanPussy – Feline Woman

Pussy – Pig MansionPussy – Pig Mansion

Pussy – Man of This WorldPussy – Man of This World

Pussy – Take Me HomePussy – Take Me Home

Pussy – Riding Down the Red FlagPussy – Riding Down the Red Flag

Jerusalem interview on It’s Psychedelic Baby blog

Jerusalem bassist Paul Dean was interviewed recently for the It’s Psychedelic Baby blog site. Read on as Paul touches on the early years of the band, it’s origins, touring, the infamous artwork, post-Jerusalem group Pussy and more.

Interview: http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2011/03/jerusalem-my-interview-with-paul-dean.html

1. When and how was band Jerusalem formed?

In 1967 when Ray and I were 16 and still at school we went to see John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and were absolutely blown away with a form of music we had never heard before. The next day we decided to form a band along with another friend Chris Skelcher. None of us had ever played an instrument before, Ray took drums, Chris guitar and I took bass and vocals.

2. Can you tell me about the early years when you just started your band?

None of us had any major influences, so we actually learnt how to play as we went along. I started writing as we decided we didn’t want to do any covers and liked the idea of creating something of our own that was a bit different. We practised at every opportunity and did part time and holiday jobs to pay for equipment. Our only focus was the band. Hardwork, but well worth it in the end.

3. Before Jerusalem, were you or other band members in any other bands? Any releases (45,tape..) from then?

No, none of us had ever touched an instrument before or had done anything musical. Even when Ray and I brought in Bill, Phil, Bob and Lynden at different times, none of them had actually been in another proper band. All performing virgins. The first recording we ever did was when Ian brought Roger Glover to Salisbury to do some recording on Rogers newly acquired Revox 2 track. Don’t know what happened to the tapes. Phil was the singer at this time.
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Jerusalem LP reissue now accepting advance orders!


Jerusalem – Jerusalem LP. Limited edition gate-fold cover vinyl reissue of revered 1972 UK heavy rock monster produced by Ian Gillan, originally released on the Deram/Decca label. Requests have been pouring in for vinyl version of this classic and now it’s finally on the way! High quality gate-fold cover near-exact reissue, right down to the labels, of this illustrious collector favorite and downright savage early 70s proto-metal hard rock beast of a album. Remastered for vinyl direct from the original master tapes. Includes insert with liner notes and photos. Lyrics are inside gate-fold cover. File this under “must-have” reissue of 2011!


“Sledgehammer-heavy masterpiece of underground British rock!” – Classic Rock Magainze

“Big fat chords, wailing guitar, punch-drunk bass and straight-ahead solid drums all strutting in your face like some massive guy you just don’t want to f**k with.” – Headheritage.co.uk

Side One:

  1. Frustration
  2. Hooded Eagle
  3. I See the Light
  4. Murderer’s Lament
  5. When the Wolf Sits

Side Two:

  1. Midnight Steamer
  2. Primitive Man
  3. Beyond the Grave
  4. She Came Like a Bat From Hell