Anvil Chorus – The Killing Sun CD (ROCK028-2)

Anvil Chorus Killing Sun CDAnvil Chorus – The Killing Sun CD  Long anticipated release from legendary SF-bay area progressive metal band from the early 80s!

Nearly 3 decades after the group’s formation and a couple years after their recent reformation, this legendary underground San Francisco progressive heavy metal band unleashes their first full length debut album for the Rockadrome label. Consisting solely of newly recorded material from their early 80s

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Automag – Hellbound CD (ROCK001-2)

Automag Hellbound CDAutomag – Hellbound CD. A heavy metal freight train from North Carolina in the vein of COC, Clutch, Metallica and Black Label Society with a Southern twist on this concept album debut for the Rockadrome label. Led by the Mighty Quinn on lead guitar/vocals, these Southern boys sink their hook-laden power riffs into you right from the first minute of the first track and never let go! Housed in awesome custom fold out digi-pack cover. [Read more…]

Billylee Janey – Gimme Some Lightnin’ CD (ROCK029-2)


Billylee Janey - Gimme Some Lightnin CD

Billylee Janey – Gimme Some Lightnin’ CD. Iowa’s legendary rock guitarist is back again! This time around, it’s a full throttle non-stop barrage of down and dirty smoldering heavy blues rock guitar licks that just keep coming at you from start to finish. It’s almost like one long heavy guitar jam session where Janey just cuts loose at will. Janey’s mean and nasty tone and signature axe-slingin style are totally electrifying here. [Read more…]

Billylee Janey – No Saints Ringin’ the Bells CD (ROCK037-2)

Billylee Janey No Saints CDBillylee Janey – No Saints Ringin’ the Bells CD. Latest 2011 classic rock and blues guitar release from legendary Iowa Rock Hall of Fame guitarist who has been bending strings since the late 60s and released his first single in the early 70s with his hard rock band, Truth and Janey. Billylee stretches out here with a wonderful collection of 17 tracks including several extended jams and an enduring variety of songs that even further showcase his tremendous talent and style. This is his fourth solo release for the Rockadrome label and another strong album that anyone and everyone who digs classic rock guitar and blues should be checking out.  [Read more…]

Billylee Janey – What’s Your Trick CD (ROCK022-2)

Billylee Janey - What's Your Trick CDBillylee Janey – What’s Your Trick CD. Ex-Truth and Janey guitarist returns, hot on the heels of his superb “Soul Driver” album, with another classic hard rock and funky blues album filled with tough ballsy guitar licks, super powerhouse drumming and hook filled songs! The opening track is the heaviest thing heard from Janey since his “No Rest for the Wicked” days! [Read more…]

Billylee Janey – Soul Driver CD (ROCK004-2)

Billylee Janey - Soul Driver CDBillyLee Janey – Soul Driver CD. The legendary Truth and Janey and Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame  guitarist, BillyLee Janey, is back with his latest smokin’ guitar driven blues rock album. Soul Driver, a crossover between blues and hard rock, marks Billy’s return to the heavier Gibson/Marshall sound after 25 years as a Fender bluesman. It’s a showcase for guitar talents that have been honed over a career in music that spans three decades and features his crafty use of the wah wah. Recorded at the award-winning Catamount studios and produced by Tom Tatman. [Read more…]