Stepson – Lost Tapes 72-74 LP (ROCK/LION048-V-1)

Stepson Lost Tapes LPStepson - Lost Tapes 72-74 LPSTEPSON – Lost Tapes LP (Rock/Lion048-V-1) OUT NOW! About forty years in the making, and finally the world has the second Stepson album! Utilizing tapes preserved by drummer Len Fagan then transferred to digital and mastered by bassist Bruce Hauser, this fine collection of twelve songs is as close as the world will ever get to a real second Stepson album. Some is raw, some is embryonic, but it’s all prime stuff for fans to savor, reflecting the band’s “devil may care” attitude and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. And just in case you don’t believe that the band liked to party, consider that the exact recording dates (and even some locations) have long been forgotten. To borrow an old adage: If you can remember Stepson, you weren’t there. Kicking off with a crunching riff by guitarist Joey Newman, ‘Danger Zone’ is the heaviest track Stepson ever cut, replete with an ominous atmosphere reflecting the seedy side of their native Los Angeles; ‘Streets of Alameda’ (1974) is an ode to vocalist Jeff Hawks’ hometown, [Read more...]

Icecross – 1 LP (ROCK052-V-1)

Icecross CDIcecross – 1 LP (ROCK052-V-1). First official vinyl reissue of rare early 70s underground Icelandic hard rock record seemingly influenced by groups like Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, but retaining their own unique style and approach. Includes insert liner notes, lyrics and photos and a poster!

Icecross – 1 CD (ROCK051-V-2)

Icecross CDIcecross – 1 CD (ROCK051-V-2). 40th anniversary first official reissue of 1973 Icelandic hard rock underground monster that’s been the target of collectors for at least two decades! Carefully remastered for pristine sound that lays waste to all the bootlegs that have come before. 12-page booklet with liner notes, clippings and photographs. After several years of hounding band members we are very happy to finally be able to bring you the first official reissue of this legendary gem.

Icecross possess a unique dark sound which reveals influences ranging from Sabbath to Crimson to Blue Oyster Cult and beyond all melded together in such a way to form their distinct Icecross style. Considered proto-metal by many, though they don’t achieve this with a typical smash your face approach. Instead, Icecross unleash some killer inventive guitar sounds by way of Leslie speakers combined with ominous effected bass lines and splendid use of bow to create a perfect dark heavy guitar album. One of the few, if not the only, Icelandic band inspired by Sabbath at that time.

For fans of Leaf Hound, Blue Cheer, Elias Hulk, Iron Claw, Jerusalem, Necronomicon, Hairy Chapter, Incredible Hog, Dust, Pentagram and the like.

All tracks are self-composed and sung in English:

Track Listing:

  1. Wandering Around
  2. Solution
  3. A Sad Mans Story
  4. Jesus Freaks
  5. 1999
  6. Scared
  7. Nightmare
  8. The End


“Their album has been legendary among collectors for years. All in all this is an album of overwhelming power with an underlying, uncomfortably penetrating coldness. Obviously one for guitar lovers or those willing to delve into the more obscure history of heavy metal”  – Scented Gardens of the Mind

Iron Claw – Iron Claw 2-LP (ROCK/LION049-V-1)

Iron Claw LPIron Claw – Iron Claw 2-LP (ROCK/LION049-V-1) Gatefold cover double album vinyl release of classic early 70s UK hard rock underground from this stunning group who has gained quite a following since we first released the CD version several years ago! Brand new remaster that sounds better than ever! Will include surprise bonuses as well!

Track Listing:

Side One:
1) Clawstrophobia 5:18
2) Mist Eye 4:14
3) Skullcrusher 6:02
4) Let It Grow 2:50

Side Two:
5) Sabotage 5:01
6) Crossrocker 7:18
7) Winter 6:16

Side Three:
8) Rock Band Blues 4:20
9) Pavement Artist 5:33
10) Strait Jacket 5:07
11) Gonna Be Free 3:47

Side Four:
12) Loving You 2:40
13) Lightning 3:45
14) All I Really Need 3:22
15) Knock Em Dead 3:00
16) Devils 5:33

Stepson – The Lost Tapes 72-74 CD (ROCK047-V-2)

Stepson Lost Tapes CDStepson - Lost Tapes 72-74 CDStepson – The Lost Tapes 72-74 CD (ROCK047-V-2). Long sought after unreleased recordings from this hard-nosed raunchy Detroit-style 70s hard rock band whose 1974 debut album on ABC is highly sought after. A smashing collection of memorable tracks featuring vicious growling guitar from Joey Newman, and the awesome soulful vocals of Jeffs Hawks, along with the non-stop rocking backbone of Bruce Hauser (bass) and Len Fagan (drums), these guys really knew how to lay down some badass foot-stomping rock ‘n roll. Includes ex-members of the group Touch, whose 1969 album is another hot commodity.

Track Listing:

  1. Danger Zone
  2. Streets of Alameda
  3. Can’t Help Myself
  4. Flesh & Blood
  5. S-H-A-K-E
  6. Don’t Say Goodbye (Say Goodnight)
  7. Midnight Creep
  8. Mississippi Dirt Road
  9. Rock’d To My Very Soul
  10. Bad Situation
  11. The Tears You Cried (Ain’t Never Gonna Buy)
  12. Legalize It

Hooker – Rock And Roll CD (ROCK043-V-2)

Hooker Rock and Roll CDHooker Rock and Roll CDHooker – Rock And Roll CD. Compilation of recently unearthed recordings from this killer Houston, Texas area 70s hard rock band including tracks from their never released album. The music is loaded with heavy Texas-style guitar action and oozing with that unmistakable 70s Texas rock and roll party vibe. They’ve been described before as a western version of Aerosmith, or similar to Blackfoot. The guitar team of Hampton and Howland bust out all over this album with blazing over the top guitar battles that have a nearly metallic edge. While the early album cuts are full throttle Texas hard rock, the later 70s bonus cuts lean towards a combination of hard rock and early metal in the vein of  the rare Survivor “All Your Pretty Moves” album. Vintage/Rockadrome label fans of Ultra, Cain and Poobah and bands like Hunt, The Gods, Totty, Impecable and Magi will surely dig this one.  Includes 3 bonus tracks, including a cover of Tin House’s “I Want Your Body”, not found on the vinyl version (released by ShroomAngel Records).


Robert Hampton – Guitars
Robbie Hodge – Bass
David Howland – Guitars, Vocals
Randy Meers – Drums

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