Billylee Janey

Billylee JaneyBillylee Janey has been compared to such greats as Clapton, Beck, and Hendrix. Even though these guitar heroes have been an inspiration to him, Billylee’s own soulful and passionate love for music clearly and creatively sets him apart, giving him his own unique style and personality. Billylee picked up his first guitar, a German Framus, at an early age. it was during the “British Invasion” that he was taking his first steps in another direction; a direction that would lead him down paths into the music that would shape his future – the blues, jazz and rock. Billylee recorded his first record in 1972 and another in 1973 which included “Pontiac Blues” by Sonny Boy Williamson. In 1975 he recorded a full scale album titled “No Rest for the Wicked” with his bluesy hard rock trio, TRUTH AND JANEY. “No Rest for the Wicked” has achieved near cult status internationally, and has been recognized in the book by Martin Popoff “The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal Volume I: The Seventies” and the Acid Archives Book among others. [Read more…]



{Jerusalem} Legendary UK heavy rock group who delivered over-the-top blistering performances on their 1972 debut album. Anyone could easily mistake this for early 80s British heavy metal it’s so heavy and raw.

The Jerusalem Story.

In the 5th form of St Probus School, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK in 1966 there were 3 very good friends, Paul Dean, Ray Sparrow and Chris (Kef) Skelcher. A Canadian schoolfriend (Larry Taylor) one day brought in an album by a band called John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers who turned out to be an electric 12 bar blues band. [Read more…]

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Iron Claw

Iron Claw 1970

Iron Claw - 1970

{Iron Claw} Hailing from the town of Dumfries in South West Scotland, the origins of the band Iron Claw started in the summer of ’69! Founder member Alex Wilson, who was then aged 21, and was at the time assisting in the management of another local band, as well as recording music as a hobby, was inspired by seeing Led Zeppelin on their first concert tour of Britain at a show at Newcastle City Hall on June 20th 1969. This “revelation” planted a seed of the ambition to start a band good enough to eventually release recordings of their own songs. [Read more…]




{Ashbury} Randy Davis started playing guitar full time in January 1977, playing lead guitar for a house band in southern Oklahoma. At the same time he joined a local rock band called Rigid Spur, which played all over Oklahoma and north Texas. In December of 1977, Rigid Spur broke up to form the band Ashbury South, a 4-piece dual lead guitar band with Randy as the front-man. Rob Davis joined the band in February 1978 as sound engineer and live show producer. Ashbury South introduced many people to AC/DC and Van Halen, by playing their music before they were known nationally. The band was know for it’s stage and light show, which rivaled any concert band playing at the time. [Read more…]